The riding horses were formed by crossing and selection of different horses. It is an artificial raise of English origin known as the “thoroughbred”for its selection condition and preparation.

This raise of horses were driven in England by the kings of the time, specifically by Charles II, an equestrian sports lover.

The first collection of Domado is inspired by this type of horses because  of its status of excellence. Domado works with the best horses of Chile so you can have a splendid handbag.


"It's a beautiful activity where spiritedness and speed of the “thoroughbred” is combined with the skill and daring of the rider , the passion and dedication of the breeders and owners, with the adrenaline of victory or defeat of its exponent , the final onslaught of the horses with the hope and excitement of fans and gamblers."

(The Equestrian Show in Chile, Javier Badal Mella, Santiago, Chile. December 2001)

It is a sport  event that has a long history in our country with a great social and historical dimension. A sport of excellence that has its origins in the nineteenth century in Chile, arranged by the High Society of the country, who carried out all the infrastructure and technical parameters that this type of sport needed. Great illustrious visitors, parties and fashion society marked this new sports scene.

The Horse society of Chile, build one of the most recognized buildings of our country, the “Club Hípico de Santiago” inspired  by the French race course of Longchamp. This building is listed as a historical monument for its architecture,  including  a imposing facade, their source of water, the majestic doors of cast iron (characteristic of the time), the Pérgola and large “Marble” and “Old Boys” Halls .

The horse riding, in few words, is the competence of genetically shaped horses that are prepare to run, it involves the preparation of the rider and the choice of the best thoroughbred horses. Known as the art of running.


Domado is inspired by the sport of horse racing, the world of bets. Domado rescues this concept and transmits it through its products and through it's slogan  “Betting for a life” which refers to the option for life, for the life of horses. These products are 100% cruelty-free, meaning no animal suffers in the manufacturing process, because it’s a simple hair cut.

The difference is in making design products without undermining the environment and living beings. Domado is looking to change people's minds and designers minds as well, based on the belief that someone’s trash can be a real treasure for others.

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