Domado is a Chilean brand of exclusive handbags, that uses the Horsehair as the principal material for its confection.


All the materials that compose a Domado handbag are well selected and hand crafted by the best Chilean artisans.


The designs of Domado enhance the properties of Horsehair, characterized as unique products, with a lot of quality and are made to accompany you in every minute of your day.

The word Domado, comes from the act of taming and calming the animal through training, meaning it goes through a process.                                                      The taming process (process specialize in the horse racing sport) requires a complete rapport between the horse and the horse man, and that's exactly what “Domado” focuses on; the connection between you and your handbag, Domado follows you everywhere you go.



María Belén Trivelli Álvarez

Born in August 1989.

Industrial Designer / Founder of Domado

I'm a believer that small ideas, generates big changes.

This is what I’m looking for, to show you, that with design, we can value what we have and not destroy it, because I’m betting for a life. ”


Domado in 10 steps.

1. Recolección del Material (Club Hípico de Santiago)

2. Clasificación del material (según tusa/cola y colores)

3. Limpieza

4. Afieltrado (Maquina Afieltradora 5 agujas punzantes)

5. Prensado y planchado por calor

6. Limpieza para sacar los últimos residuos

7. Diseño de las carteras

8. Dimensionado

9. Confección Maestro Marroquinero

10. Confección Packaging


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